Matt Cardona Claims A WWE Return At The Royal Rumble Was Never On The Cards

Matt Cardona has denied rumours of a WWE Royal Rumble return were ever in motion

The WWE Royal Rumble is usually pre-empted by all sorts of rumour and speculation as to who could return, who could debut, and who could make a surprise one-off appearance during the 30-person matches.

Heading into the 2023 Men’s Rumble match, several names were rumoured to be appearing in the bout, with Matt Cardona chief amongst them. However, the Rumble has been and gone and Cardona is not back in WWE, and said the following about the Rumble rumours on Adfreeshows:

"The Royal Rumble thing - that was never in the plans," Cardona revealed. "There were all these rumours about. I don't know where they started. But, first of all, if it was true, I wasn't going to confirm it in one of these g**damn interviews or on social media. And I knew it wasn't true, but I wasn't going to confirm that it wasn't true because I want people to keep talking about me."

Cardona may not have turned up in the Men’s Royal Rumble match, but wife Chelsea Green made her return in the Women’s Rumble, and still rumours and reports of an imminent WWE return for Cardona persist.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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