Matt Hardy: AEW Fans Demand The Best In-Ring Action

The best from the talent

During the company's almost-three-year existence, All Elite Wrestling have become known for showcasing very good matches, with several of their contests being put forward for match of the year honours. 

This is something Matt Hardy has noticed and the former IMPACT World Champion noted AEW's fanbase prefer a more "realistic in-ring product", which is different from the companies he has previously worked for like WWE and IMPACT Wrestling.

"Something I have learned by following AEW’s audience closely, it's a very different audience than places I have worked at in the past. IMPACT's audience, for instance, they are a lot more accepting of things that are more out of the normal parameters of pro wrestling. They enjoy that stuff a lot more. WWE fans even are a little more into more supernatural stuff. But AEW Dynamite fans really like the realistic in-ring product of old-school pro wrestling where it stays within the boundaries of reality. I decided to work towards that," Hardy said on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast.

Hardy then noted that AEW fans demand the very best from their wrestlers, noting he received criticism for his in-ring work after stubbing his toe. 

"I realised after we did the thing with Sammy, I had stubbed my toe a couple of times in the program. The audience is being very hard on me. I see a thing here too, the demographic here in AEW is very different from a WWE. The demographic and the feedback I get from performing on AEW compared to WWE is very different. It's much younger, it's much more trendy, cool pro wrestling fans. As opposed to WWE, you can tell the audience is older and they are almost more welcoming of legends and veterans who have been around in the past. With AEW, it's very tough. You have to go out and bust your ass like you're 25 to 30 every night. They demand the best."

All Elite Wrestling have one of the youngest-skewing audiences for sports on US TV, often only trailing the NBA and the English Premier League.

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