Matt Hardy Comments On Jeff Hardy 'Botch' At Double Or Nothing

Matt Hardy has revealed that Jeff Hardy's "botch" was intentional

At the 2023 Double or Nothing event, fans raised some concern at the status of Jeff Hardy. On the Buy-In show before the main card, Jeff Hardy teamed up with his brother Matt Hardy and the FTW Champion Hook to take on Ethan Page and The Gunns in a trios match which had Ethan Page’s contract on the line. During the match, Jeff Hardy seemed to trip following a Twist of Fate, and came crashing down in a heap after trying to hit his signature Whisper In The Wind. 

Fans assumed this was a botched spot, with Hardy having a few examples in recent years of not quite being up to speed with how good he was in the past. However, his brother Matt Hardy has spoken out on this on his ‘Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy’ podcast, silencing doubters on the spot. 

“Good. Jeff was very nervous. All throughout the day, he said, ‘I just can’t wait. I can’t wait until we get this shit over with.’ He was ready to get through that match. He just wanted to get it done. It’s so funny because Jeff said I know people are going to have low expectations for me, they think I’m not going to be good, they think I’m not going to be crisp. He was in great shape, cardio-wise, everything else, he was in great ring shape as far as that goes. So it was Jeff’s decision, we programmed once specific spot where it looked like he made an error, which he didn’t make an error, and it was specifically just to stop him after he made this big, beautiful comeback. The amount of people that it’s still so easy to get in pro wrestling, it never ceases to amaze me, especially when something is done intentionally. Sometimes there’s things done intentionally for the help of telling a certain story.”

The revelation that this spot was intentional will likely come as a relief to many, though the fact that many quickly assumed a botch just goes to show where the perception of Jeff Hardy currently is. 

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