Kamille Disagrees With Billy Corgan's Controversial Tyrus Statement

Kamille is opposed to Billy Corgan's comments on Tyrus

Billy Corgan has made the rounds once again over the last week with a controversial comment regarding his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus. He claimed that you aren’t a wrestling fan if you don’t watch the big man, leading many to roll their eyes at the comments. 

The NWA Women’s Champion Kamille had her own take on the discourse, claiming that she disagrees with Corgan’s views whilst talking to Steve Fall at

"I think Billy likes being polarizing. It's something he's done his entire life and it's why he's sold the amount of albums he sold and has the amount of fans that he has, so there's a reason for that. As far as Tyrus is concerned and politics, I don't think that politics and wrestling should be intertwined, but you know what? It's life and people are human beings and feelings are a very strong thing. Feelings are a very real thing and if someone feels strongly one way and it affects this over here, so be it. 

“I don't agree and I'll say this completely, I completely disagree that if you aren't a Tyrus fan, you aren't a wrestling fan. I completely disagree with that statement. My personal polarizing statement would be if you don't enjoy the NWA women's division, then you might not like wrestling because that is something that I can guarantee that you will have a good time watching,.You will enjoy the women's wrestling in the NWA. I think that we're hard hitting, we're feisty, and we tell good stories in there. I don't want to say this. It's gonna come off bad, but whatever, I'll say it. Even if you don't think someone is a good, quote unquote, like technical wrestler in our division, the matches are still fu**ing so fun to watch.”

Kamille has been reigning as NWA Women’s World Champion for over 700 days, winning the belt back in 2021.

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