Matt Hardy Given The Green Light For WWE Return

And he's ready to go-oh-oh... ohhhhhhhweeeeohhhhhhh oh-oh-oh...

The entire WWE Universe was taken aback over the summer as one of the most beloved Superstars on WWE Raw made it known that he was having to bring an end to an illustrious career due to injury.

Or so we thought...

Matt Hardy hasn't been seen on WWE television since August, and in September he announced that he was having to take some time away from the ring due to issues concerning his spine and pelvis.

However, Broken Matt has appeared on a number of WWE live events over the past few months, and took to Twitter yesterday to dispell any rumour and innuendo that he has indeed retired.

"No, I am not retired & not going to be retiring anytime soon. I’ve worked my ass off to rehabilitate & have physically been greenlit. My body is in the best shape it’s been in in years & I’m the lightest I’ve been in 20 years," he tweeted to a fan asking if he had retired or not.

When we last saw Matt on TV he was in a tag team tandem with Bray Wyatt - who also hasn't been seen on WWE TV since August himself (although The Eater Of Worlds did appear at Starrcade in November).

Could the pair reunite on Raw soon? Only time will tell...

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