Matt Hardy Officially Owns All Trademarks Relating To Broken Universe

Is Woken about to become Broken on WWE TV?

The Broken Universe is a huge step closer to appearing on WWE television after it was revealed that Matt Hardy is now listed as the owner of TNA's trademark applications for 'Broken Matt', 'Brother Nero', 'Broken Brilliance' and 'Vanguard 1'.

A report from PWInsider revealed that Hardy and Ed Nordholm, the President of Anthem, signed an agreement on January 8 where the complete ownership of the four trademarks were handed over to Matt. PWInsider also reports that TNA had until January 28 to respond to a non-final refusal issued on July 28 of last year or else they would have been abandoned.

To clarify, as of January 31 when the official transfer of ownership took place, the four trademarks are still live and are now officially in Matt Hardy's hands - this means that officially and legally Hardy owns the trademarks and can do whatever he likes with them.

The question now is whether Vince McMahon - who interestingly never filed for any trademark related to 'Woken' Matt - will use Hardy's property on WWE television. The announcement of Matt taking control of the trademarks couldn't have arrived at a better time as earlier this week it was revealed that Jeremy Borash - the long-time TNA employee and Matt's right-hand man for everything the Broken Hardy character did on impact television - reportedly joined WWE. His role is not clear, however, with some outlets reporting that he'll be working solely with NXT talents at the Performance Center - but if I was Vince McMahon, I'd allow Borash to hook back up with Hardy to try and rekindle the magic they created during their time in Impact.

You'd have to believe that Hardy wouldn't pass up the opportunity to get together with Jeremy once again after the way the Woken character has dwindled down to nothing more than a man who laughs. There's so much more to the Woken/Broken character, so now, with access to facets of his makeup that he perhaps didn't have before, we should see an improvement on what we're currently witnessing each week on Raw.

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