Seth Rollins Debunks Rumours Of A Back Injury

WWE's Architect is fine, and has been fine all along...

Former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins claims rumours that he's suffering from a back injury are false. The Architect took to Twitter earlier today with a succinct rebuttal of a report made by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter yesterday.


Meltzer's report claimed the former WWE Champion has been working through back injuries lately but was unsure whether this would mean time away from television. This appeared to add to the misery the members of 'Champions' Club'  are suffering through at the moment, with Jason Jordan currently "messed up" - once again according to Meltzer - and losing control of his grip due to a legitimate neck injury.

Fans of Rollins were surely fearing the worst after reading the report as his career has been hampered by injuries in recent times. He was ruled out for six months back in November 2015 after tearing the ACL, MCL and medial meniscus in his knee following an awkward landing on a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Kane. Since then, he's suffered a rib injury and re-injured the same knee after an accident during a Samoa Joe Coquina Clutch - a knock that almost ruled him out of WrestleMania 33, after the heartbreak of missing out on 32 in Dallas. However, the latest injury report certainly raised a few eyebrows when you consider he worked the entire Tag Team Championship match last Sunday. Surely if he was hurt, his role in the match wouldn't have been so prominent?

It's an interesting time for Rollins now that he and Jordan aren't Tag Team Champions anymore. With no reason for Seth to persist with Kurt Angle's offspring's annoyingness, and him noting that "something needs to change" on Twitter following two losses in one night at the Royal Rumble, there's a blank canvas for WWE to exploit here. With most of the top matches reportedly sewn up for Mania in New Orleans, goodness knows what could be next for Seth Rollins.

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