Matt Hardy Reveals Why He Was At WWE RAW

Matt Hardy has confirmed why he was at WWE RAW this week

Amidst news of his AEW contract expiring and negotiations going down between the company and himself, Matt Hardy’s presence in the crowd at this Monday’s episode of WWE RAW raised a lot of eyebrows and received its fair share of attention. 

On his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy revealed why he was in attendance for RAW, with it just being put down to an “innocent thing”, stating that he didn’t know he’d be seen by members of the live crowd. Whilst he and his wife were on a date night, they were contacted by a friend in Raleigh who invited them to come and hang out in a suite at the RAW show. Hardy revealed that he was against going, but was convinced by Reby. This was reported on by Fightful earlier this week, and now it has been confirmed by Hardy himself. 

“She said, 'Well they're in a skybox, so it's like closed off and whatever. We wouldn't be getting there until 8:45, 9:00 p.m.' So we actually went. Reby hung out with her friends for a little bit. And while I was there, the skybox, the suite, was pretty open in the front. And yes, I did get recognized. And people started forming a line to like take photos with me and whatnot. And we cut out of there at about 10:30 p.m. I was there probably 80 or 90 minutes altogether and I probably took 200 photos, which once word got out that I was there, it was like crazy. There was literally at one point a line and security came and like had to make them move against the wall so I could take photos with them.

“But anyway, my wife went to go hang out and I was there. It was a very innocent thing at the end of the day. But it was wild. It was wild being in the PNC Arena where we had SummerSlam 2000. And that's where the first TLC match went down. And just seeing WWE there running again, it was wild. It was fun just to sit back as a spectator and watch wrestling. At the end of the day, I'm pro wrestling's biggest fan, too. I love watching pro wrestling if I get the opportunity to. So, really interesting. And I knew as soon as I started taking pictures, like, 'Oh my god, this is gonna get blown out of - this is going to go nuts.' And it is what it is. And actually, in reality, I'm ok with that.”

Hardy did address the fact that the story was blown up due to his contract negotiations, going on to make a pitch for being one of the guys you would want in your company. 

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