Matt Hardy Thinks He Will Finish His Career In WWE

Matt Hardy believes he will end his career with WWE

Following his departure from All Elite Wrestling, Matt Hardy made his return to TNA, reviving his 'Broken' persona in the process. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion was in action at Under Siege on Friday, May 3, ultimately losing a Trios Match alongside Speedball Mountain to The System's Moose, Eddie Edwards, and Brian Myers. 

While he is currently a part of TNA, Hardy remains a free agent. After being asked if there was a promotion he was drawn to sign with on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the 49-year-old admitted he thinks his career will end in WWE. 

"I must say, if things worked out, I feel like in a perfect world, AEW would be the best option because I have the best schedule, and I'm allowed to still do stuff outside of AEW, which I really enjoy. There's a lot of projects that myself, my wife and family, we're really interested in working on. WWE is where I feel like I will ultimately end my career and do a Hall of Fame bid. We'll figure out what happens there. So I do have a lot of love for them. It's hard not to because without WWE, I wouldn't have this nice life that I have now. They have afforded me many, many great opportunities, so I'll always be grateful for them," Hardy said.

"So yeah, it's hard to answer that. But I would probably like to be somewhere in a somewhat prevalent position, being able to tell stories, being able to help young talent, and wherever I got the best schedule, I would say that place."

As part of his TNA run, Matt Hardy is planning to evolve his 'Broken' gimmick, comparing the new version to the relationship between Bruce Banner and The Incredible Hulk.

The older Hardy Boy revealed why he decided not to re-sign with All Elite Wrestling.

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