Mick Foley Reveals WWE Are Planning To Bring Back Elements Of The Attitude Era During Raw's Third Hour

Is it true?

Pressure from NBC Universal and FOX has mounted in recent times for WWE, as television ratings have stagnated, and even declined to record lows. The "Wild Card" rule was executed as a means of increasing the star power of Raw and SmackDown, while the recently-instituted 24/7 title attempts to spur outside-the-box creativity, and rekindle the madness of the classic Hardcore championship.

Speaking of staples from celebrated times, Mick Foley, the original Hardcore champion in 1998, recently revealed that WWE is looking to make the third hour of Monday Night Raw more must-see by adding elements from the long-passed Attitude Era.

Said Foley, “The idea is that the third hour is going to get rougher, wilder, and more unpredictable. When I was GM, I knew that people were breaking towards the SmackDown show because it was the darling of the Internet.”

"I think it’s an idea to have the third hour more unpredictable and more like the Attitude Era.”

Third-hour ratings have largely been a concern for Monday Night Raw, with recent episodes seeing the viewership sink 20 percent (between 200,000 and 450,000 viewers, depending on the week) from hour one to hour three.

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