Update On AEW Double Or Nothing PPV Buys, New Record Potentially Set

AEW's debut effort continues to make a splash...

It was initially reported that AEW Double or Nothing managed to do 98,000 total buys through traditional pay-per-view and modernized streaming services alike. That number puts it well above any and all Impact Wrestling pay-per-view in the company's 17-year history, and above all but one ECW pay-per-view (Heat Wave 1999, at 99,000 buys).

At the time of the report, replay purchases had not been factored into the total. According to Dave Meltzer on the most recent Wrestling Observer Radio, that 98,000 number looks set to go up.

Per Meltzer, "“The PPV numbers are looking a lot better this week. 98,500 is looking like the lowest possible number. It could be well above that.”

Assuming that 98,500 is the absolute floor, then Double or Nothing potentially could become only the third promotion, after WWE and WCW, to pass the 100,000 buy mark for a wrestling pay-per-view, if the updated total comes out higher.

As Meltzer also made sure to reiterate, the total, whatever it ends up being, was achieved without a weekly television product to aid interest. The $60 price tag for traditional pay-per-view was also considered a potential hindrance.

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