Mick Foley Says There's Nothing Vince McMahon Wouldn't Do To Get A Pop

Even when it comes to his own family

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently discussed the lengths Vince McMahon would go to in order to get a 'pop'. 

Speaking during a recent edition of Foley is Pod, the Hardcore Legend detailed a story involving Vince producing a segment where Foley would have to insult Stephanie McMahon. 

Mick had his own ideas about what he wanted to say, but the WWE owner had ideas of his own. As Foley recalls it:

"During one of those times, fireworks are going off, I'm writing down a couple of words on my hand and Vince comes up to me and goes 'Hey Mick, don't forget when you're out there to call Stephanie a bottom-feeding trashbag hoe bucket sleaze'. He sees the look in my eyes and he goes 'Yes?'. I said 'Vince, that's your daughter'. He looks at me, chuckles, and goes 'Ya know, Mick, there's nothing I wouldn't do to get a pop'"

Foley also mentioned how Stephanie slapped her mother Linda during a segment and how when the cameras stopped rolling the two sat there "sobbing and holding each other".

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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