Mick Foley Unconcerned By Omission From The Undertaker's WWE Hall Of Fame Speech

The Undertaker failed to mention Mick Foley in his WWE Hall of Fame speech, but the latter doesn't seem too concerned.

Mick Foley recently appeared on In the Kliq podcast, and spoke about his omission from The Undertaker's WWE Hall of Fame speech.

The Deadman headlined this year's WWE Hall of Fame class, but many noted that there was no mention of Foley in his otherwise long and gratitude-filled induction speech.

The pair shared many iconic matches and moments - most notably the Hell in a Cell clash at King of the Ring 1998.

However, Foley explained that he wasn't upset by the omission, stating:

"Well, listen, I forgot to mention my wife during my speech, so I'm not one to lecture anybody about who they should and should not include in their speech. [...] I was not there in those formative years, and his [speech] was more about friendship and support. We had a great rivalry, but he didn't mention Rock or Austin, and he and Austin had some classics as well. So if I'm not hurt, no one can be hurt on behalf of me."

H/T to the Wrestling Observer.

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