Mick Foley: WWE Need To Pay Attention To Continuity

Foley wants WWE to fix some of their problems

Mick Foley believes a focus on continuity and consistent storytelling would go a long way to fixing some of the problems WWE currently has.

The Hardcore Legend released a scathing monologue of WWE's current standing earlier this week, saying he's not sure he would trust the promotion to do best by him and his career in the modern era and suggesting young talent would now rather work for All Elite Wrestling.

Something AEW has got spot on is continuity and long-term story-telling, and Foley wants to see WWE get back to that mindset rather than ripping up show scripts on the day.

Appearing on Sean Waltman's Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, Foley said: "(Chris) Jericho said, 'We don't put a line through our show an hour before it airs.' Vince will do that.

"My son is part of the writing team. I would never be able to handle being part of the writing team. I take a lot of pride in the things I write and seeing someone rip it up in front of me would send me heading to the exits. You lose your continuity when you promise people two or three different matches the next week and then they don't take place and you don't explain why and then you have another show that does a good job at that.

"I know Vince thinks he works his best under pressure, but you can't have continuity that way. You have to gather your big stars and how you're going to push them. They do it with some people. They need to pay attention to continuity, they need to go back to big picture thinking outside of just the WrestleMania main event and they need to let their talent be as good as they can be."

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