Mickie James Talks Inspiration Behind NWA Empowerrr PPV

The NWA is making a concerted effort to boost its women’s division, and recently announced the first ever all female PPV in NWA history called Empowerrr.

The show is being executively produced by women’s wrestling legend Mickie James, who recently joined the organisation. James herself has gone on record and detailed some of the inspiration behind the forthcoming event, saying on her GAW TV video podcast:

“For 80 years, we’ve watched wrestling, television wrestling from a male perspective. We’ve watched women go out there in storylines that men think that women are - that creates drama and so many times, it’s just not realistic and even though you would say some of these things, it’s like, ‘Well, you’re a wrestler so go be a wrestler’ and that’s cool, right? So then totally okay.

“Like I’m never ungrateful for those moments but I think that we have a genuine opportunity - the business is changing. The business is changing, the way people watch wrestling is changing and it’s damn time we present women in a professional manner in the way that women belong to be perceived [in] wrestling. We’re no longer a novelty act, right?

“I honestly - when I was told that women’s wrestling doesn’t make money, it really set me back. It set me back like, ‘What!?’ It does [set women back] and I know that but it really resonated with me because I think after that one conversation, it was a real defining moment for me because I go like, ‘What am I doing? Then what is all this for? What is this for?’ Because to me, women’s wrestling does matter. I’ve given my life to this business. I’ve missed birthdays, I’ve missed funerals, I’ve missed so many things because I love this business so much and we all have. You do it because you love it, but to feel like you’ve given up so much for something and it doesn’t matter, it was not cool with me and I’m just like, ‘I want to change that,’ you know?”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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