Mickie James Was 'Comfortably Uncomfortable' In WWE For The Last Two Years

"A lot has been happening in the last two years and I've been in this little space."

Mickie James has briefly addressed her release from WWE, saying she had been 'comfortably uncomfortable' with her role in the company over the last two years. 

James was a part of a handful of releases made by WWE on April 15, 2021, having not been used regularly on television since mid-2020. The experienced superstar did feature in the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble but had been majorly utilised since her return from injury, going undrafted in the 2020 WWE Draft. 

During that time, James had worked commentary and hosting duties on WWE NXT and Main Event, and the former Women's Champion believes that, while she is grateful for the opportunities given to her by the company, she was not satisfied with the role they wanted her to fill. 

Speaking on her GAW Podcast, she said: "Obviously now, I'm not with WWE. I got my 'future endeavour' on Thursday (April 15). I don't want it to ever feel like I'm not thankful or not grateful because I've had so much fun and the girls in the locker room and I'm grateful for so many experiences, but I honestly feel in the last two years that I've been comfortably uncomfortable.

"I've been trying to be pigeonholed or fit into a square mold of 'this is what we want you to be' and 'this is what we want you to believe you are' and I'm just not that. A lot has been happening in the last two years and I've been in this little space. I'm not going to get super deep on it."

It was noted that James would be sharing her full story on next Wednesday's episode.

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