Mike Bailey Comments On Fan Incident At GCW Show

Mike Bailey has given his thoughts after an incident with a fan at a recent GCW show

The golden rule of attending wrestling shows is don’t get physical with the wrestlers, but this was broken recently at a GCW show during a match between GCW World Champion Nick Gage and ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey.

Bailey and Gage were brawling in the crowd when one fan decided to kick Bailey, but things luckily didn’t escalate beyond this initial incident. Speaking on his Twitch stream, Bailey gave his thoughts on the incident:

"I'm crouching because I'm waiting to Nick Gage to turn and face me while he's holding his door, so I can jump side kick his door. I'm 20 feet from Gage. The floor is soaked in beer and I have to do a running jump kick. He just nudges me in the butt and I'm like, 'what the hell is that? What the hell just happened?' The Orange Cassidy kick, essentially. It's f***** up, don't do this. In a Simpsons shirt, which I just noticed. If I had saw that, I would have been like, 'this is fine.' He represents Homer," Bailey said with a smile.

Bailey continued, "He pushes me, I turn around. This is the moment where I have to make a decision. You see him move back, his friends hold him, you promptly see Adam [the referee] get in the way. He has a job to ref the match. I firmly believe this, never hit anyone unless, speaking as a wrestler, you're ready to hit back. I will never hit anyone. Two reasons to hit someone, you need to protect yourself and it is for self-defence. Two, the person is an actual problem for society, for example, a N*zi. Being a N*zi is a good reason to hit someone. Am I in danger? This is what I'm assessing. He pushes me and quickly backs off, you have guys (getting in-between), I can tell he's f***** up and drunk. Not a danger to me. He's just a drunken idiot at the show. I have nothing to gain by hitting this guy."

Bailey continued noting how beating the fan up would have gained nothing, but said he hopes the fan is barred from future GCW shows unless he gives Bailey a hand-written apology.

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