Jushin Thunder Liger Jokes That Keiji Muto Will Return In A Month

Jushin Thunder Liger jokes that we haven’t seen the last of Keiji Muto following his in-ring retirement

Keiji Muto brought his in-ring career to an end on February 21, losing his last ever competitive match against Tetsuya Naito in the Tokyo Dome, before losing a further impromptu exhibition match against the legendary Masahiro Chono.

Muto retired at the culmination of an extensive farewell tour, but retirements in pro wrestling aren’t often finite, and Jushin Thunder Liger joked that we may see Muto back in a ring soon, saying the following on his blog on Tokyo Sports:

“From my point of view, Keiji Muto is a genius himself. I think he was truly chosen by the wrestling Gods. With his height, athleticism and star power… the only thing he doesn’t have is hair. He’s just like me, there (laughs). I think it’s the same with (Antonio) Inoki, the way the audience is drawn in by his every move in the ring.

“But I can’t imagine what Keiji Muto will be like after he retires. I can’t picture him as a leader, either… so I think that maybe in a month or so, he will say, ‘I’m coming back after all.’ I was teased a lot by him before I retired. He said, ‘When things cool down, you can come back.’ I thought he might do the same thing (laughs). But I think the fans will forgive Keiji Muto and enjoy it,” wrote Liger.

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