Mike Chioda: I've Heard WWE Are Going To Sell To Disney

The former WWE referee has heard rumours

Rumours have long swirled that WWE could be potentially looking to sell the company on, and former WWE referee Mike Chioda has suggested Disney could be in the running.

Appearing on the Such Good Shoot podcast, Chioda said he’d heard rumours of a potential WWE sale when talking about the spate of recent WWE releases:

“Bray Wyatt, I don't get it. I just don’t. I'm hearing rumours they [WWE] may sell to Disney. So, you know, they sell to Disney and stuff like that man. Could be a lot of money. And they're just trying to cut their roster.”

Chioda went on to talk about Rey Mysterio, and how recent contract negotiations for the WWE legend almost didn’t pan out:

“My buddy, Rey Mysterio just stayed ay my house last week when they were in Tampa. You know, he went into negotiations with Vince… his stuff almost didn’t work out with Vince. He didn't want to deal with Hunter, he wanted to deal with Vince. I mean it's like me, Hunter told me ‘hey, I want to see you go out strong in your career’ a couple years ago, and I even moved to Tampa for better living better beaches. And plus, you know, if I have to, I’d start working with the PC in Orlando. Then I had surgery on my shoulder, rotator cuff and to fix bicep tears. And then I get f****** released during a pandemic.”

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