Miro Comments On The Possibility Of Lana Joining AEW

Could the wife of The Redeemer become All Elite?

Since her release from WWE in June, many have wondered if and when Lana will join AEW, where her husband Miro is currently in the midst of a dominant reign with the TNT Championship.

Even though she’s still serving a 90-day non compete clause, Lana (CJ Perry) will soon be free to appear for another wrestling company, if she should wish.

"Currently, she's doing her own thing," Miro told Action Sports Jax "It's not about me. It's about what she wants to do. She's been in the business for such a long time and came fresh out of nowhere. I wouldn't be surprised if she stays in wrestling because there are so many opportunities coming because she's one of the best. Outside of wrestling, she could always go because before wrestling, she was something else. My mind is blown if she decides to focus on a different career path how successful that would be."

Miro has mentioned Lana on AEW television on numerous occasions, with God’s Favourite Champion often bragging about his ‘hot flexible double jointed wife’.

H/T: Fightful

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