MJF Cuts Steiner Math Promo On Samoa Joe On AEW Dynamite

On AEW Dynamite, MJF told Samoa Joe that the numbers don’t lie

The September 13 edition of AEW Dynamite saw Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong clash for a chance to face MJF at Grand Slam III in New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium, and despite not being at Dynamite, MJF had some choice words for the former ROH World Champions.

In a pre-tape from September 6, MJF cut a promo on both Strong and Joe, and after calling Strong a ‘bland b*tch’, MJF invoked ‘Big Poppa Pump’ as he cut his own ‘Friedman Math’ on Samoa Joe:

“See normally if you go one-on-one with another wrestler you’ve got a 50-50 chance of winning. But I’m a genetic freak and I’m not normal, so you’ve got a 25% chance at best to beat me. Then you add my boy Cole watching my back to the mix, your chances of winning drastically go down. See at our match at Grand Slam you’ve got a 33 and 1/3 chance of winning, but I’ve got a 66 and 2/3 chance of winning because everyone in New York knows you can’t beat me.

“So Samoa Joe, you take your 33 and 1/3 chance minus my 25% chance and you’ve got an 8 and 1/3 chance of winning at Grand Slam. But then you take my 75% chance of winning - since we’re wrestling in my home state of New York - and then you add 66 and 2/3% chance, I got a 141 and 2/3% chance of winning at Grand Slam. See Joe, the numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for you at Arthur Ashe,” said MJF.

For those unaware, Steiner Math is one of the most infamous promos in wrestling history, one that saw Scott Steiner unleash the power of statistics when running down Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle ahead of TNA Sacrifice in 2008. Samoa Joe did win at Sacrifice though…

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