MJF Loves WWE Programming, Thinks Bruce Prichard Makes Incredible TV

MJF has lots of love for Brother Love and WWE TV

AEW’s MJF has made no secret that when his AEW contract ends that he is open to offers from WWE, and ‘the Salt of the Earth’ has continued the charm offensive by praising Bruce Prichard.

Prichard is one of Vince McMahon’s right-hand men, and is often blamed by internet wrestling fans for poor decisions made by WWE creative. But MJF has a lot of love for the former Brother Love, telling Ariel Helwani:

"Well, Bruce Prichard and me, this is a shoot, Bruce Prichard and me go way back. When he was in MLW, he was one of the lead producers there and he would watch me do promos and he was floored by me. Absolutely enamoured by me. I was the prettiest girl at the ball. We would just sit down and shoot the s***. I love Bruce. I think Bruce is a hell of a guy and has a hell of a mind. I think he produces incredible television. So yes, I've talked to Bruce multiple times. As far as have I been reached out to, legally it's not smart for me to answer that question but what I can say emphatically is that there is an absurd amount of interest in me. Tony Khan knows that. Tony Khan claims he's not afraid of that and that's good, so I hope you're not afraid to shell out a lot of f****** money," MJF said.

MJF continued saying that WWE is great, but believes AEW is currently better due to MJF, and other ‘fresher’ faces:

"See, I think WWE is doing great. I love everything WWE's doing. I just think we are fresh and we have fresh faces that people haven't seen before. I think right now everything that Vince [McMahon] and Bruce Prichard are putting out there is absolutely incredible. I love it. I love NXT 2.0. I love Raw, I love SmackDown, I love what Roman's doing. I think Roman's putting out some great work. Paul Heyman, fellow member of the tribe, absolutely killing it. Sorry about what's going on with Brock [Lesnar], you deserve better than that. I think they're putting out a great product. I think the big difference, quite frankly is that AEW has MJF. That's the biggest difference-maker you could possibly have," MJF said.

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