MLW’s Jacob Fatu Happy Representing The Bloodline Outside Of WWE

“I'm happy to hold the gold with them on the other side of the table…"

Whilst Roman Reigns and The Usos have been dominating WWE SmackDown as The Bloodline, cousin Jacob Fatu has been dominating MLW, holding the MLW World Heavyweight Championship for over 800 days since early 2019.

Ahead of MLW's Fightland supercard, Fatu sat down with Graham Mathews, and spoke about being part of The Bloodline, despite not being part of WWE:

“The Bloodline is here! Come on, now. The f****** Bloodline is here. It's good though, man. I'm proud. I mean, I’mma keep this thing so 100, because people really gotta know, like, I'm really proud for anybody doing their thing. If you see somebody doing good, and you're proud of them, you tell that person, ‘I'm proud of you.’ Because you know what? I don't like that, God forbid anything happens to anybody, as soon as somebody's passed, all of a sudden everybody wants to give them their flowers. Nah, bro. You give that person their flowers while they're up, while they're winning, while they're alive, and treat people good who's coming up in the game.

"Straight up, I never disrespected no young cat. Treat people good, because you never know where they are gonna end up at. Sefa [Fatu - recent NXT signing] is one of the stories. That's why I'm saying that. Look where little bro is at, and he's supposed to be there. He's supposed to be doing anything he wants to do, you know? I'm happy for my brothers. I was just with Jey a week or two weeks ago, but man, it's good. I'm glad to see Jimmy back, to see when they came back and won the belts with Roman, man. I'm very happy. I'm just happy to be a part of the family. I'm happy to hold the gold with them on the other side of the table... This is life, brother. It don’t get better than this.”

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