Moose On AEW/Impact Relationship: "The Fans Win. Both Companies Are Winning From It"

Cites fresh matchups for all

The criss-crossing of Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers, Private Party, and others back and forth between AEW and Impact Wrestling leaves the (forbidden) door open for others within those companies to do the same.

Speaking on The Angle Podcast, Impact star Moose offered praise for the working relationship.

“I love it. The fans win," Moose said. "It was a big surprise when I found out about it, and I found out about it when everyone else did, when I saw Don doing commentary. 'What the hell is going on here?' They kayfabe us on everything.

"Both companies are winning from it. After a while, you get tired of Jon Moxley wrestle Kenny Omega, PAC, or Cody Rhodes. Same thing with IMPACT. You get tired of Eddie Edwards wrestling Sami [Callihan]. It's a big win for both companies to have fresh guys.”

Moose also said that the organizations (Impact, at least) won't spill the beans on the surprise maneuverings until they absolutely have to.

“They don't tell us anything until the last minute. All I can do is hope that is where this storyline is going, but honestly, I have no idea. If it was to happen, they probably wouldn't tell me until the night before, 'Hey, you're going to AEW.'”

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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