MSK: Why Moving From IMPACT To WWE NXT Was 'A No Brainer'

"We just knew that we were in a cocoon and we needed to spread our wings and be beautiful butterflies."

MSK have said the opportunity to join WWE was 'a no-brainer', even if it meant leaving behind their old name. 

Nash Carter and Wes Lee joined WWE NXT in December 2020 and made their NXT debut in January, quickly establishing themselves as one of the brand's top tag-teams. They won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic before claiming the vacated NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver in April. 

The duo, along with Trey Miguel, had been known as The Rascalz in IMPACT, but the duo were happy to leave the name behind and develop themselves in joining WWE.

Carter told Digital Spy: "When this opportunity came, it was a no-brainer. I've always wanted to be a WWE Superstar.

"It just seemed right that we needed to evolve into the next aspect of our careers. If you watch some of the best documentaries on some of the best wrestlers they know when it's time to evolve and let go and create anew in order to stay fresh.

"We just knew that we were in a cocoon and we needed to spread our wings and be beautiful butterflies."

Lee added: "And just like when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it never really loses who it was it just alters how it presents itself. And that's essentially all we did. We're still the exact same guys. It doesn't matter what name we do it under.

But right now, MSK is who we are and that's who we're going to be for a long time. With the progression of our careers, this was the next stage and it was just right there in front of us and we just had to take the opportunity.

"It's bred some amazing, amazing things since we made that choice. The pandemic definitely gave us time to re-evaluate a lot of things and we did a lot of talking, a whole lot of talking on what it is that we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it and this just worked out perfectly."

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