MVP Wants A Bloodline Vs. Hurt Business Feud

Bloodline vs. Hurt Business? MVP wants it to become reality

They are two of the most dominant factions in recent WWE history having ruled their respective brands with iron fists, and with a possible Hurt Business reunion on the horizon, the question is who would win in a feud between them and The Bloodline?

Regardless of the outcome, it’d surely be a money making feud, and former Hurt Business mastermind MVP has spoken of his wish to see it happen, saying the following on the Superstar Crossover podcast:

"I’d really like to get The Hurt Business back together and as a faction, there are so many talented people [he'd like to work with]. I’d love to get The Hurt Business vs. The Bloodline, would be spectacular. Bobby and Roman, The Usos with Shelton and Cedric, me and Heyman on the mic, I think that’s a dream matchup. The Judgment Day, I think we’d have some phenomenal work," MVP said.

MVP has seemingly started getting the Hurt Business back together on WWE TV, and when asked who else he’d like to work with, MVP turned his focus to NXT:

"There’s a young man down in NXT who, unless you’re watching NXT, you might not be familiar with him but a young man named Carmelo Hayes, and Carmelo and Trick [Williams] are a couple of guys, they’re pretty tight. I always say Carmelo reminds me of a young MVP; the presence, the swagger, the confidence, and he’s somebody I would like to work with in the future, hopefully," MVP said.

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