Nia Jax Reveals She Was Trying To Make Vince McMahon & Triple H Laugh With 'My Hole' Cries

Nia Jax was performing for those in the Gorilla position

Former WWE star Nia Jax has explained the thinking behind the now-infamous scene that played out on the February 8, 2021 episode of Raw. 

While wrestling Lana in a Tables Match, Jax went to hit a leg drop on the ring apron, only to miss and collide with the edge of the ring. She then began screaming, before shouting, 'My hole!' 

And thus a meme was born.

During a recent virtual signing for K&S Wrestlefest, The Irresistible Force revealed that her reaction was for an audience of two, as she was trying to make Vince McMahon and Triple H laugh. 

"So, it was during the COVID era, right? 'My hole' was during the COVID era…We have a lot more freedom during the COVID era and I had discussed it actually with Triple H before when we were rehearsing the match and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, you want me to do a leg drop on the apron?' And I was like, 'My freaking butthole's gonna…'. So it was more of a joke to pop Hunter and Vince (McMahon) in Gorilla. It was literally more to make them laugh. So when I did it, that was the intention and then when I got backstage and saw that everybody was texting me about 'my hole' trending, that's not what my intention was," she said.

Jax was released by the company on November 4 of that year. She made a surprise appearance as an entrant in this year's women's Royal Rumble match. 


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