Nick Khan: WWE Have Intentionally Avoided Left Vs. Right Stories

No politically divisive rivalries

While WWE storylines over the years have sometimes been inspired by real-life events, the company has avoided portraying the current political divisions in the United States within their rivalries. 

Speaking on the Recode Media podcast, WWE President Nick Khan revealed this was intentional on WWE's part. 

"They might enjoy that, but we've intentionally kept it out. There are so many divisive things in the country right now; masks, shots, the whole experience. If we can stay away from that and offer a place to come where you don't have to think about those things... even the news has shifted to left vs. right, Trump vs. anti-Trump. Anything to get away from that, which is what our product is part of, 'here is an escape from reality,' that's what we're going to do," Khan said.

WWE has used political issues in storylines in the past, namely Daniel Bryan's run as the Planet's Champion, and Khan admitted the storyline did work for a while. 

"I remember the storyline, it was before I got there. He had an environmentally friendly belt with no gold because gold was being mined in places where you don't want to mine gold. I think it worked for a while and then we got out of that space," he added.

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