Nikki Cross Calls SAnitY Run 'Most Fun' Of Her Career

Cross greatly enjoyed her time as a member of SAnitY

WWE star Nikki Cross has reflected on her time as a member of the SAnitY group, calling it the most fun she has had in her career. 

Speaking with Love Wrestling, Cross noted how much she enjoyed working alongside her husband and friends and how much she learned during that period of time, saying: 

"SAnitY was the most fun I've ever had in my career. You know, I had Eric Young who was like this crazy uncle. I had my husband, Kilian Dain. Getting to work with my husband was really fun! I had my best friend, Alexander Wolfe. So for me, SAnitY was the most fun I've ever had in my career. I learned so much from those three men. They taught me so much, and I learned so much. It's just a time I look really fondly on and it helped me grow as a performer. So I would never want to forget that because it's so integral to Nikki Cross as a character". 

Nikki has recently reverted to her original character after spending portraying the comedic babyface superhero Nikki ASH. The 33-year-old competed on this past Monday's episode of Raw, where she lost to Asuka.

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