Shayna Baszler Responds To Fans Who Chant 'You Can't Wrestle'

The former MMA fighter does know how to actually wrestle...

WWE star Shayna Baszler has hit back at fans who direct 'you can't wrestle' chants at her and tag team partner Ronda Rousey. 

Speaking with WWE Die Woche, the former NXT Women's Champion noted that she and Rousey are probably the only two female members of the roster who can execute a legitimate double-leg takedown, saying: 

"It's funny because, I don't know, I'll say this here but it's funny because you'll hear, 'You can’t wrestle' or people tell us (Baszler & Ronda Rousey) we can't wrestle, learn how to wrestle, all we do is MMA but it's like, we're probably the only two girls in the locker room, maybe on the roster…that know how to do a double-leg takedown. A real double leg, that's wrestling, you know what I mean (Baszler smiled)? So it's funny the way people think about us because we're too good".

Elsewhere in the interview, Shayna noted that herself and Ronda would not turn down an opportunity to compete for the Women's Tag Team Titles, but that their primary focus is reminding people who they are. 

Asked about her ideal WrestleMania opponent, she singled out Asuka as someone she believes she could have a great match with.

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