NWA Confused Following Powerrr's Addition To CW App

NWA Powerrr has arrived on the CW App

The status of the NWA with the CW has been up in the air over the last few weeks, after a controversial spot at the Samhain PPV event led to uncertainty surrounding a potential TV deal with the CW. It was believed at the time that if anything, NWA content would land on the CW app rather than on TV. 

Out of seemingly nowhere, with no fanfare or announcement, eight episodes of NWA Powerrr popped up on the CW app yesterday, all lasting around 40 minutes. 

Per Haus of Wrestling, this has sparked a lot of confusion for those behind the scenes in the NWA due to there being zero form of announcement for NWA content arriving on the CW app. The report goes on to say how NWA’s focus has always been towards their reality show, but either way, many are interested to see how Billy Corgan will react to this development. There are still no updates on whether the NWA reality series will end up on TV, or if it will also be shown solely on the app too.

The CW has looked to enter the pro wrestling space in recent times and they will be the exclusive home of WWE NXT in the United States from October 2024. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly