ODB Reveals WWE Turned Down A Planned Royal Rumble Appearance

ODB alleges that a planned WWE Royal Rumble appearance was nixed

You never know who is going to turn up in the WWE Royal Rumble, from returning heroes to comedy stars and beyond, with promotional lines even being crossed such as when IMPACT’s Mickie James made an appearance in the 2022 Women’s Rumble.

One name who was once discussed for a Rumble appearance was that of ODB, with the former Knockouts Champion telling the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast:

You know, with WWE, yeah, I always wanted to go there and maybe because, you know, you got the [Royal] Rumble. I did get a call for the Rumble but it didn’t work out. They wanted me but of course a person upper… someone turned it down. But I did get a couple calls,” said ODB.

ODB has never wrestled for WWE, but was part of OVW when it was a WWE developmental territory. However, ODB was never called up and joined TNA instead:

“Yeah, it was frustrating when I was at OVW. I’m not getting paid so I had to bartend on the side or bounce at a bar while everyone else is, you know, getting like $750 a week I think they were back then and then, you’d have these girls that didn’t know about wrestling. I mean it really didn’t get to me that much because I’m like, ah, I’m not gonna be that person, you know? I’m just like, whatever. That’s what they’re looking for now…

“Got a little frustrating but I just used it more and I just said, well, I’ll just keep doing me… but for some reason, they just never… Nowadays, it’s like they’re all different which is good. It’s always weird. They always do, one year, they want sexiness and that’s all they want. Another year, they want, you know, big bad chicks with tattoos, coloured hair and sh*t, you know? You never know,” continued ODB.

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