Origins Of WCW's LWO Revealed

Eric Bischoff reveals the birth of the LWO

The Latino World Order received a resurgence in 2023 in WWE, with the new group featuring Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar, Zelina Vega, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz del Toro, with outside members including Bad Bunny and Carlito. They have been a fairly big focus on WWE programming this year, with Mysterio even being crowned United States Champion as part of the group. 

As some fans are well aware, the first iteration of the LWO came back in WCW. Eric Bischoff spoke on his 83 Weeks podcast on how the group initially came to be. 

“I was in Los Angeles for a meeting with Mandalay Sports and Entertainment. Jason Hervey was there at the time and we went out to lunch. I believe we were either in a Greek restaurant or a Mexican restaurant. I can't remember which, but that's when we got into the conversation about, you know, the NWO and how successful it was. 

“We're talking about that and I think it was Jason Hervey that actually came up with the idea of the Latino World Order. Jason wasn't working for us at the time. He was working for Mandalay Sports and Entertainment, but you know, we were friends and Jason was obviously a big wrestling fan and Jason and I had some projects together during that period of time. He threw the idea out there and I'm not sure if he threw it out as a joke, or if he was serious about it, or a little bit of both, but nonetheless, it kind of took on and I talked to Eddie (Guerrero) about it. Eddie thought it was a pretty cool idea. He got excited about it and there you go."

The LWO were a heel faction in WCW, though they have been babyfaces ever since the re-emergence of the group in WWE.

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