Logan Paul Says He "Eats Bunnies For Breakfast" When Asked About Facing Bad Bunny

Logan Paul has thrown some trash talk in the way of Bad Bunny

Logan Paul has emerged as one of the most prominent and successful “celebrity” wrestlers of all time in WWE, solidifying that by winning the United States Championship from Rey Mysterio at the 2023 Crown Jewel premium live event yesterday. 

He was asked by Marc Raimondi of ESPN about the prospect of facing fellow celebrity crossover star Bad Bunny in the future, and Paul responded with some trash talk. 

"I'm going to leave that up to Triple H, but I will say one thing: Mr. Bunny don't want this smoke. I'm a Maverick, we eat bunnies for breakfast.”

Paul went on to say that he’d never met or spoke with Bunny personally, but was a fan of his music. Paul was then asked about Bunny’s in-ring talent. 

"He is good, but he's scrawny. I'm pushing 250. That is the crazy thing in WWE 2K23, he has the same rating as me. Maybe I don't know anything. Maybe we are the same. Maybe let's settle this in the ring."

Bunny recently wrestled at the Backlash 2023 event, defeating Damian Priest in a well-received Street Fight. 

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