Erick Rowan Shares Personal Highlights Of His WWE Run

Erick Rowan has multiple great memories from his time in WWE

Erick Rowan had a fairly lengthy stay with WWE, notably being a part of the original Wyatt Family, and also reigning as SmackDown Tag Team Champion alongside both Luke Harper and Daniel Bryan during his time in the company. 

He recently looked back on his WWE career and revealed his all time favourite moments in an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet.

"The coolest one I had in the ring, besides pinning Roman Reigns? I did enjoy that match [at WWE Clash of Champions 2019], and only because at the end of it was a surprise. The surprise was Jon (Luke Harper) coming back and knowing I get to tag with him the next pay-per-view and have at least one last quick run before he left. So that to me, was a cool, special moment because you could see the real brotherhood there. That last few weeks we had together was probably the most fun I've ever had wrestling. Obviously, when I look at moments of just different career things, I think me and him winning the [tag] belts at WrestleMania 34 was probably one of the highest."

Rowan was released from his WWE contract in 2020 amidst the pandemic, though did recently return for one night during WWE’s tributes for the late Bray Wyatt.

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