EXCLUSIVE: TNA Wrestling Bringing Back Tom Campbell For 2024 UK Tour

IMPACT UK Tour 2024: Return of the Tom

TNA Wrestling can't get enough of Tom Campbell! 

Cultaholic Wrestling's own Tom Campbell made his IMPACT Wrestling debut during the promotion's UK Invasion Tour. Tom was the ring announcer for the Turning Point IMPACT Plus special in Newcastle upon Tyne which aired on Friday, November 3, as well as the two UK Invasion Tour shows in Coventry on Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29. 

TNA were so impressed with Tom's lungs they are inviting him back for TNA's UK tour in 2024, with IMPACT President Scott D'Amore telling Campbell he is a "must-have" for the promotion's next trip across the pond.

"Thanks for being with us! When we have those dates, you're getting a call. Circle them because if you don't agree to take them we're going to hunt you down and kidnap you for the shows... You and Grado are the must-haves for 2024!" D'Amore told Tom. 

When exactly TNA Wrestling will return to the United Kingdom in 2024 has yet to be officially revealed. Scott D'Amore exclusively told Cultaholic Wrestling that TNA are looking at options right now.

"We're looking at options right now. We definitely will be back here in 2024, we're just trying to figure out our schedule. It boils down to a combination of our schedule, what's going on here in the marketplace and the availability of venues, but we have a few things circled on the calendar. After taking a little bit of time to breathe, get a couple of deep breaths and settle in we'll be back tackling exactly what the right time is to be back in the market. But definitely in 2024," D'Amore stated.

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