Pablo's Top Five Cats In Professional Wrestling

It's the purr-fect list...

Hey all you upright cats.

It’s your reigning, purring and defending Cultaholic Heavyweight Champion, Pablo Escocatto.

Since I’m defending my title this Sunday against Mr Happy and Todd The Rabbit, I thought I’d take this time to abuse my authority as Champ and write the list you REALLY want to see: celebrating the Master Moggies Of The Mat.

Here’s is my countdown of the Top Five Cats In Pro Wrestling.

Join us. Meow.

5. “Big Cat” Ernie Ladd

Ernie ladd

Now THIS was a Tough Tabby!

The story goes that when Big Cat was a football player he was challenged to a wrestling workout and the rest, as they say, is history. 

We sadly lost him in 2004 but his memory lives forever in multiple football and wrestling Halls Of Fame.  He was a giant, but I bet he’d give really good scritches behind the ears if you asked him nicely.

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Written by Cultaholic