Brodie Lee's WrestleMania Rib & Justin Bieber's Cancelled Match: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

I cannot Belieb WWE blew that one...

How has everyone's week been, then? Good? Yeah? 

This whole pandemic/lockdown situation is a bit rubbish, isn't it? 

I'm sick of it. Get rid of it. 

We've now passed a full year of this whole rotten thing dictating our lives, and while it's not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, it has given us all more free time than we know what to do with. 

Some have learnt to play piano, others have written their novel. I, on the other hand, won't be channeling Mozart or Hemingway anytime soon, because I've done none of that. 

I have, however, made myself useful (arguable) once again this week by scouring the web, listening to podcasts and trying to put a funny spin on some of the random wrestling curiosities that may have evaded your attention. 

So please enjoy another collection of recollections, tweets and backstage hoo-ha from the weirdest (and best) business there is. 

10. CM Punk Brings Back An Old Look

Cm punk new look 2021


When there's a fire, why not add more fuel to it? 

Just a couple of weeks after the rumour mill had him debuting at AEW Revolution, CM Punk has once again sparked speculation that he's due to make a comeback to the ring by growing his hair and beard out a bit. 

Doesn't take much these days, does it? 

The Straight-Edge Superstar posted a picture of his new/old look to Twitter in response to somebody pitching Punk as a correspondent for his beloved Chicago Blackhawks hockey team. 

His reference to having 'the look down' that accompanied the picture was in relation to former NHL player and current broadcaster Barry Melrose. 

While his appearance (which looks like a more weathered version of his 2005 Ring of Honor self) reminded fans of his early days in the grap game, Punk could be growing it out for anything, including a film or television role. 

Or, like many of us, perhaps he's simply finding it difficult to book an appointment with the barber during COVID? 

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