Paul Heyman 'Fighting' For Two Superstars In WWE Draft

Could they be a strong fit on Monday nights...?

Tonight the WWE Superstars get divided up in the biggest WWE Draft since the inaugural shake-up in 2002. 71 wrestlers will find out tonight if there home is Monday nights or Friday nights (or, alternatively, they could go all Heath Slater and end up nowhere!)

According to WresteVotes, whilst information about tonight's Draft is very much under wraps, there's a few names that have been thrown around.


With SmackDown being seemingly positioned as a more sports-focused brand, it seems as though performers like Bray Wyatt and Aleister Black would be more of a natural fit on RAW. Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair both fit as flag-bearers for the blue brand, and Charlotte becoming SmackDown Women's Champion last Sunday all but guarantees her remaining on Friday nights.

WWE have released a statement about the rules of tonight's Draft, including the names of the celebrities representing FOX and USA Network making the selections. You can read all about it here.

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