Paul Heyman Hopeful Of Agreeing Contract Extension With WWE

His current deal reportedly expires next month

Paul Heyman is hopeful that he will be able to agree a contract extension with WWE. 

Reports indicate that Heyman's current deal with the WWE is set to come to an end around May, having last signed a new contract around WrestleMania 34. 

The former ECW boss is currently enjoying a role alongside Roman Reigns on Smackdown and is confident he will be able to continue with those responsibilities in WWE.

Heyman told Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, when asked if he'll be seen in WWE going forward: "One would certainly hope so. I’ve always tried to avoid negotiating in public. I understand why some people do it though.

"When I left WWE in 2006 I was the first person they didn’t go ‘we wish him well on his future endeavours.’ Nobody knew when I was officially done with the company. We kept that between me and Vince McMahon, because I didn’t feel it was anybody’s business at the time. And neither did WWE.

"I just don’t think it does WWE or Paul Heyman any good for me to negotiate a contract and agreement through the media in public. It doesn’t serve anybody. It’s not what I’m here to do. I’m an entertaining, or a director [and] producer of talent. I don’t think that’s what the public turns to me for.

"I love what I’m doing with Roman Reigns. I love what I’m doing on Talking Smack and the talent I get to work with. And I’m boldly confident that I’ll be continuing in those roles."

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