Paul Heyman: The Superstars I Picked Out In WWE Will Find Their Way To The Top

"The cream will rise to the top, as the saying goes. There are great talents."

During his time as WWE Raw executive producer, Paul Heyman reportedly was a big fan of the likes of Aleister Black, Andrade, Ricochet and Drew McIntyre. While one of those names has gone on to achieve big things since Heyman's departure from the role, the other three have seemingly gone missing. 

Andrade has requested, and been denied, his WWE release after not featuring on television since October. Similarly, Black has not been seen since the 2020 Draft, while Ricochet has made just appearances on Raw this year, being seen more on Main Event. 

Heyman has now commented on WWE's model, saying that while the plans may change behind the scenes, he still believes the quality of those individuals he handpicked will shine through and their chance will come. 

Speaking to Esquire Middle East, Heyman said: "WWE is like any other business. It constantly redefines itself and constantly assesses its placement in the marketplace, and it's constantly disrupting its own business model. The cream will rise to the top, as the saying goes. There are great talents. 

"And the people that I chose are not people that—the people that I chose to promote, are not charity cases, they are extraordinarily talented men and women. And they will find the trajectory to the top.

"They will, because they're top stars that are waiting to happen. Whether that path is as smooth as I tried to make it—and admittedly, I tried to put everybody on a fast track—or not, is a matter of conjecture. But these are extraordinarily talented people. And they will find their way to the top of the industry."

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