Paul London Reveals Talks With AEW

The former WWE star was hoping to land a behind-the-scenes role in Tony Khan's promotion

Former WWE star Paul London has revealed that he had secret talks with AEW last year about joining the promotion in a backstage capacity. 

Speaking on the most recent edition of the Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree podcast, the Intrepid Traveller said: 

"What a lot of people don't know is that last year there had been some very loose discussions between myself and that company – not Ring of Honor – and it was more so, like, 'Hey, I would like to help'. You know, if there's a way for me to help, from like a coaching standpoint or a producer standpoint. I feel like I have a lot to offer"

The former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion was critical of some aspects of AEW's product and felt as though he could help improve it, citing his previous work with Lucha Underground. 

"Without outright saying 'Hey look, this doesn't make any sense', and 'Hey look, this really bad', and 'Hey look, this is unwatchable'. It was more so like, how can I help you guys sharpen some of these things up a bit? Because I had done that at Lucha Underground, and I really excelled at it and I really enjoyed it"

Despite his offer, London noted that talks between he and AEW were ultimately fruitless. 

"So I was hoping there was a need for that, and was shot down immediately. 'We've got enough coaches, we've got enough agents'. Really? I don't think they’re doing their job"

London did say that the company offered to give him a 'look' on one of their YouTube shows, which he declined. 

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