Road Dogg Reveals Why He Thinks Dexter Lumis Was Released By WWE

Road Dogg gives his thoughts on Dexter Lumis' WWE release

Speaking with WrestleZone, WWE Hall Of Famer Road Dogg revealed why he thinks the company released NXT's Dexter Lumis earlier this year.

"I think what his deal was, I think [it was] his age. You know what I mean? He's not 40, but he ain't 25 either. Right now, what they're trying to do is get as many young talents up and running as they possibly can because then you're gonna see a few of those thoroughbreds stick out and you're gonna go, 'Okay, there's so and so, we're gonna send her to SmackDown. We're gonna send him to Raw.' That's what NXT was originally," Road Dogg said.

"It became, because of the TV rights deal, a third brand. It was never really intended to be a third brand and it was never thought about from a business standpoint as a third brand. It was always thought of as developmental [from the higher ups]. I think it got away from its roots a little bit. I think Vince [McMahon] came down there and said, 'We're gonna do things a little differently now.' I think he saw an opportunity to do that and he took it. I think he's wanted it to be run, so that's how it's being run now."

Lumis was let go in late April of 2022 after three years with WWE. It initially appeared he would be going by Samuel Shaw once again but the 38-year-old filed to trademark 'Hatchet' on May 13 for professional wrestling performances, so he could be using that name moving forward. 

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