Paul Wight Recalls Hulk Hogan Stopping Him From Doing Moonsaults

Hulk Hogan stopped Paul Wight from performing Moonsaults

When you think of Paul Wight you think of his successful in-ring runs in WCW and WWE as The Giant and The Big Show, with Wight dominating opponents with high-impact big-man power moves such as The Showstopper Chokeslam.

However, it’s long been rumoured that the rookie Wight was nimble enough to hit moonsaults, and during a Q&A session at the recent For the Love of Wrestling event in Manchester, England, Wight revealed how Hulk Hogan put an end to his high-flying ways:

"Oh yeah, I've done a moonsault," began Wight. "It's funny. I used to do drop kicks off the top, I've done moonsaults. The moonsault thing got killed. The one time I did it, it wasn’t in a live event and it’s before they had cell phone cameras so, there wasn’t any documented evidence of it but, it got around and I got back to my hotel and my hotel phone had a message light and I think I was in Japan and so I called, I picked up the message and it was Hulk (Hogan) who wanted me to call him collect from Japan. Because this is before cell phones so I called Hulk and Hulk told me flat out if I ever did a moonsault again, he’d never work with me again and hung up. ‘Giants don’t do moonsaults.’ When I first started, I was way too athletic for my size and what the industry was used to for a big man and what the industry wanted from me as a giant. I wasn’t as athletic as Undertaker by any means, but I was a giant that was way too athletic than to be a giant so it was a hard struggle early in my career to figure out who I was supposed to be."

Frankly, the idea of Dungeon of Doom era Giant doing moonsaults sounds amazing. That surely would’ve put some butts in the seats.

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