Powerhouse Hobbs Reveals His Spinebuster Is Arn Anderson Approved

Arn Anderson is a fan of Powerhouse Hobbs’ Spinebuster

There are many debatable points in pro-wrestling, but no-one can argue the fact that Arn Anderson has the best Spinebuster in wrestling history.

‘The Enforcer’ innovated the move in his heyday, and has seen several younger wrestlers in AEW adopt it, such as his son Brock, and Powerhouse Hobbs, and now Hobbs has claimed his is the best today, telling The Wrestling Perspective Podcast that it even has Arn’s seal of approval:

“Not ‘might be,’ [my Spinebuster is the best.] You know how I know it is because my Spinebuster is Double-A approved. That's how I know. You can even ask him, he gave me the nod of approval. I always joked with him like I always would wear my grandma's pillows and do the Spinebuster on the bed. So I've had a lot of practice. But that's always been one of my top favourite moves.

"I was doing it on the indie scene, and it was just a pop. I think it was my second match in AEW, when I was doing enhancement work, I hit, I think it was Alex Reynolds, with the Spinebuster and you know, most guys say, ‘Give me five moves, you can hit 10 times out of 10,’ and that was the first one that came up. It's because you grab a guy, you pivot and turn into impact. Like I got to the back and Cody and Dustin were like, ‘That Spinebuster was good,’ and then I found out how to get Arn’s approval, and I got it. Look at the Spinebuster I did to Keith Lee. There hasn't been a Spinebuster like that since Arn did it to Vader,” said Hobbs.

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