Quiz: Chris Jericho's WWE Pay-Per-View Opponents

283 names in 10 minutes! Good luck!

It's hard to believe, but 22 years ago today Chris Jericho made his WWF debut.

After weeks of promotion and hype, with the millennium clock counting down through Monday Night Raw, the timer eventually ran out in the middle of one of The Rock's promos, and Jericho walked out to a huge cheer as he declared that Y2J had come to the WWE.

August 8, 1999, will always live fondly in the minds of wrestling fans around the world as one of the best debuts ever in wrestling. And Jericho would go on to enjoy a tremendous amount of success in WWE, winning World Titles and main-eventing multiple pay-per-views during his time with Vince McMahon's promotion. 

Between 1999 and 2017, Jericho registered 283 pay-per-view opponents on WWE shows. But how many can you remember? 

That's the nature of today's quiz! You have ten minutes! Good luck!

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