Quiz: Eddie Guerrero's WWE Pay-Per-View Opponents

Eddie wrestled his final match on this day 16 years ago

On this day in 2005, Eddie Guerrero would wrestle what would sadly be his final match. 

Guerrero would take on Mr Kennedy in a Survivor Series qualifying match, for the right to be on Team SmackDown on the show. In typical Guerrero fashion, Latino Heat would cheat to win, scoring the disqualification victory over Kennedy.

Tragically, just a few days later, Guerrero would pass away at just 38-years-old.

A man who publicly acknowledged his demons and battles, Guerrero would fight through them all to claim the business' ultimate prize in 2004 in the form of the WWE Championship. 

Guerrero would take on 82 names on pay-per-view during his WWE career. But how many can you name? 

You have eight minutes - best of luck!

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