Quiz: Match The WWE Superstar To Their Biography

30 questions in three minutes!

It seems everyone's got a side hustle these days. A lot of ex-WWE talent and wrestlers in general have podcasts. 

Back in my day, you were lucky to hear about the inside scoop direct from the wrestler themselves, and when you did it came in the form of a book!

Some of the very best wrestling books ever written have come in the form of biographies. Whether you're more interested in the behind-the-scenes stories from Ric Flair, or the real-life battles of Drew McIntyre, these books make for essential reading for any wrestling fan. 

With that in mind, can you match the WWE superstar to their biography book? 

Some are autobiographies, others are written for them. But they're all must-read, but how many do you know? 

Try your hand at today's quiz and let us know on social media how you get on!

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