Quiz: Adam Cole's WWE NXT Championship Defences

12 names in 5 minutes - best of luck!

Today we wish a very happy birthday to WWE NXT's Adam Cole! 

The former leader of the Undisputed Era turns 32 today, celebrating his birthday just a day shy of going one-on-one with former teammate Kyle O'Reilly at WWE NXT The Great American Bash.

Cole's greatest achievement during his time in WWE so far is undoubtedly his record-breaking run as NXT Champion. Won on June 1 2019, Cole held the Championship for 403 days before losing the Title in a Winner Takes All Match with then North American Champion Keith Lee.

Cole defended his NXT title on 12 occasions during his run, but how many of his opponents can you remember?

That's the basis for today's quiz! Twelve answers are needed in just a five minute time limit! 

Best of luck and let us know on social media how you get on!

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Mitch Waddon

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