Quiz: Name Every ECW World Heavyweight Champion

Just five minutes to get 39 answers. Let us know how you get on!

On this day in 1997, ECW made their highly anticipated debut on pay-per-view. 

The promotion's first-ever PPV event, 'Barely Legal', was presented from the famous ECW arena. A card that saw one of the most anticipated matches in the company's history, as Taz finally locked up with Sabu, also saw an iconic hardcore legend win his first ECW World Heavyweight Championship. 

Across the original ECW and WWE's iteration of the company in the 2000s (sorry), there have been 39 recognised reigns with the ECW World Heavyweight Title, but how many of those can you remember? 

Try your hand at today's quiz and see how many of those runs with the Championship you can remember. You have five minutes! 

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